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IADC is a company founded and run by yuppies and competitive who worked in companies belonging to large International groups with real management culture based international standards for the highest safety, health and protection environment and the quality of services provided.
Also, in order to ensure and guarantee the conduct of its activities and those of its partner clients, IADC is committed to develop, implement and promote a company culture that puts a priority the safety of persons and equipment, the protection of human health, as well as the preservation of the quality of the environment.

Security policy and health established by IADC has been designed and developed in accordance with the legal provisions of Title IV of the Labour Code Gabonese one hand, and reference standard U.S. Administration for the prevention of risks Safety and occupational Health (occupational Safety and Health Administration) entitled "Small Business Safety and Health Management Series OSHA 2209-02R 2005."
Our operating procedures inspired and developed with reference system ISO 9001 version 2008 allows us to provide our customers with services that go beyond their expectations.

IADC believes that its health and safety program and environmental protection on the one hand, and its operating procedures other hand, will not only lead to good project, but also to provide high quality services .


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The IADC is offering a new interactive website to be closer to its customersThe IADC is offering a new interactive website to be closer to its customers
22-02-2013 | 2252 readers
The IADC is offering a new interactive w more

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Rotin Synthétique
Rotin Synthétique
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Escalier en colimaçon
Escalier en colimaçon
Réf.: ESCA | 650 000 Frcs

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