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Who we are?
21-02-2013 | 1255 readers

IADC Industry Furnishing and Decoration Construction ,building company and services , combining skills and expertise in construction and renovation of buildings in both the public and private domains. Leveraging synergies from the combination of skills, IADC continually develops its expertise and expanding its range of products on the market of furniture inside and outside décoration as well.

Our company is committed to satisfy its customers and partners more widely. Faithful to its values​​: professionalism, confidence, ambition, timeliness and innovation, it is involved in sustainable development projects, innovation and environmental approach. IADC strives to bring you the best in terms of quality and choice.
The quality of our services is security for our customers. We listen to the needs of the market and we are resolutely turned towards the future.
Five values ​​guide our actions in the implementation of our Business Plan :
Build sustainable

IADC places sustainable development at the heart of its strategy. Recruitment and training of its employees, conduct and organization of projects, all of which allow IADC means to guarantee the performance of the works she performs, to control the extra costs and risks leading shipyards in reputable company.

Our policy is based on two tools:

- An approach to the business: QHSE (Quality Health Safety Environment) to control the impact of our work and achievements of the external and internal environment during construction and operation achievements.

- An approach for business: CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to meet the economic needs of the company in respect of social and environmental issues.

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The IADC is offering a new interactive website to be closer to its customersThe IADC is offering a new interactive website to be closer to its customers
22-02-2013 | 2252 readers
The IADC is offering a new interactive w more

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